Thanks to my Dad, I was introduced to photography at a young age. My Dad took me on frequent camping trips to beautiful locations around the country in pursuit of his passion ~ photography and the outdoors. This is where I learned the fundamentals, rules and technical aspects of photography.

While studying art in San Diego my photography took on a whole new dynamic. I found that so many of the the same concepts that apply to creating an interesting painting can be applied to creating a stunning photograph. I tried to use concepts from my oil painting classes and blend them with my photography techniques.  This is where I developed my photography "style". 

Feeling inspired I linked up with my Dad and we starting doing weddings and portrait work in the Houston area. I immediately loved the interaction we had with our clients. I began to fall in love with the art of photography. Now with 10 plus years experience I love it just the same. ~ "Life is job is to capture it to inspire others." ~ Michael Rathke

Michael Rathke ~ Owner | Lead Photographer

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